Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey

Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey

Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey

You’ve probably already heard of some benefits of spices, such as cinnamon and of animal byproducts, such as honey. But sometimes it is in beautiful combinations where the real magic happens. The marriage of cinnamon and honey is not a new union, but in its recent health-fad era it is time we take a closer look at the two to really appreciate the curious couple.

The Early Years

Honey and cinnamon have been together for quite some times. They’ve been going strong much longer than the fickle relationships of today. The combination has a long, strong history in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, some uses traced back to 5000 years ago.

Independently of each other, they’ve quite a reputation for healing too. Honey has been a popular antimicrobial for centuries. In Ayurvedic medicine honey is called yogavahi. Yogavahi means “the carrier of the healing values of the herbs to the cells and tissues.” (Benefits-of-Honey). This deep, linguistic connection only further strengthens honey’s case.

Cinnamon is quite a contender on its own, too. It is supposedly “one of the oldest spices known to mankind.” (Benefits-of-Honey) But it’s the power in the pair that we’ll focus on today.

Aristotle and Aristoxenus, from around 300-400 BC even mentioned the famous combination, sharing accounts of the healing properties (Dr. Axe).

List of Diseases that can be Cured by Honey and Cinnamon

The Benefits

Sure, the two have been raved about for centuries, but these days we want details, details, details! What exactly is the combination known to do? Though the research quality varies, it’s no short list of supposed benefits. Honey and cinnamon when brought together, according to Organic Facts, are said to:

Boost the Immune System

When honey and cinnamon come together, they are said to give a big, healthy boost to the immune system. It is sometimes used to treat colds and the flu. The pairing of honey and cinnamon gives a double dose of antioxidants. The antioxidants fight free radicals in the body, keeping the cells and systems strong. Along with this, the combination is said to also reduce chronic forms of fatigue, keeping your body well rested and ready to fight off infections.

Manage Diabetes

In Type II Diabetes, cinnamon and honey have been known to reduce fluctuations in blood sugar and encourage more consistent glucose use in the body. This is due to yet another antioxidant in the power duo, flavenoids. Flavenoids actually elicit an effect that is similar to insulin. The natural energy and sugar source reduces changes of the same severe fluctuations that artificial sweeteners do.

Prevent Cancer

This hefty claim may not be too far off from the truth. Honey contains a huge amount of phytochemicals. Phytochemicals have already been associated with cases of cancer prevention. Honey is not left to prevent cancer all on its own. Cinnamon has its own set of cancer-prevention weapons. Cinnamon has properties that focus more specifically on preventing tumors or the growth and spread of cancer through tumors. Additionally, honey contains acids that stop lipoxygenase and phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C. These long-named, bad boys are connected with the production of cancer in the body.

Soothe Itchiness

Honey and Cinnamon, when they come together, are the perfect bug-bite soother. Cinnamon uses its anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the swelling of the itch or bite. Honey, an antiseptic, helps keep your skin clean and free of infections. They’re the perfect team!

Relieve Arthritis Pain

Honey and cinnamon, when taken regularly, can keep bones healthy and reduce pain in joints. These effects make it the perfect natural solution for arthritis pain or to complement an existing regimen. Many take this dose in a paste form.

Promote Digestive Health

As if there were something we thought this duo couldn’t do, honey and cinnamon are good for the digestive system, too. Together they eliminate gas from the stomach, can soothe a tummy ache, reduce instances of flatulence, solve indigestion, and treat bladder infections. Altogether this makes for a pretty happy digestive system.

Care for the Skin

Honey and cinnamon aren’t just for your internal health. They can also help you to feel more beautiful on the outside, too. Honey and cinnamon can be a perfect addition to your cosmetic or beauty shelves, for several reasons. Made into a paste, honey and cinnamon can treat minor pimples and skin infections. You can also apply the paste to open wounds or to reduce inflammation of the skin. Honey and cinnamon are even said to diminish the power of free radicals upon the skin, thus reducing age spots and wrinkles.

Care for the Hair

Cinnamon and honey don’t leave your locks out when attending to your beauty needs. Honey and cinnamon have been known to slow hair loss, possibly encourage hair growth, and nurture hair all along the way.

Care for the Teeth

And last but not least in your cosmetic improvement, your teeth. They get to benefit from honey and cinnamon, too! The team can be used to counter bad breath and help to sooth tooth aches.

Weight Loss

If you already have a weight loss plan in place, a little honey and cinnamon may be the extra little something you need to really see results. It isn’t a miracle drug, but when honey and cinnamon are combined in warm water they are said to be a useful weight loss assistant.

Promoting Heart Health

Everything depends on our hearts, so we want to do everything we can to care for our precious tickers. Honey and cinnamon can help. They are said to reduce cholesterol (which we all know is key to a healthy cardiovascular system). They contribute to our heart health reducing the level of the bad cholesterol, the LDL cholesterol, in our arteries. This reduces our chances of getting a clot or buildup in our vessels.

Increase Lifespan

All of these benefits come together to give consumers a healthier and happier life. Keeping the body running in tip-top shape and reducing instances of infections can also lead to a longer lifespan–the ultimate benefit.

Using Cinnamon and Honey for Weight Loss

There are many ways to take your cinnamon and honey. But some experts have shared symptom or benefit specific tips for how to consume or apply your honey and cinnamon

For Weight Loss

When trying to lose weight, the beginning of the day is the most important. If you start the day rocky, you’ll probably end it that way, too. So get your mind and body in the right place with this honey and cinnamon wake-up call. You’ll need:

  • 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1 cup of hot water
  • 1 teaspoon raw, organic honey

All you need to do is steep the cinnamon in the water, wait for it to cool a bit, then add the honey.

For your morning dose, drink it up even before you eat breakfast (at least 30 minutes) to get your metabolism going for the rest of the day. You can also use this same recipe between meals to manage your appetite and before workouts to give you a super-effective workout session (Bembu).

For Hair Loss

No one likes to lose hair, so try this simple little remedy for hair loss. Simply create a paste with honey, olive oil, and cinnamon powder. Make the paste hot and apply it to your hair. Leave it in for 15 minutes before completely washing it out.

For Heart Health

Breakfast can be holy for some people. Maybe you’ve been having the same bagel and butter for breakfast every day for the last 20 years. Well, it just may be time for you to change. Your heart will thank you. Start by adding honey and cinnamon to your bread in the morning, instead of fatty butter or sugary jam. The honey and cinnamon are a delicious substitution and you will save your blood vessels and prevent heart attacks at the same time.

To Treat the Common Cold

Brew a simple cup of cinnamon tea, sweetened with honey any time you feel a cold coming on. It will work to clear up your blocked sinuses and keep your immune system strong so it can fight off the current and future colds.

To Erase Pimples

To get rid of those pesky acne bumps, honey and cinnamon can help. All you need to do is make a mix of honey and cinnamon at room temperature. Apply this paste to your affected areas before you go to bed. Sleep on it and wake up to fresh and beautiful skin.

To Soothe Arthritis

A honey and cinnamon paste can help with your joint pain, too. Simply mix honey and cinnamon together and rub the paste on the painful joints. Massage very slowly as needed. If you suffer from chronic arthritis, you can also start a regimen of tea with honey and cinnamon for a more internal approach to your joint pain.

For Fresh Breath

Make a gargle with these super ingredients to keep your breath sweet and nice. Simply mix honey and ground cinnamon in warm water, then gargle as needed.


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