Benefits of Ganoderma / Reishi and Associated Healing Powers

Benefits of Ganoderma / Reishi and Associated Healing Powers

Benefits of Ganoderma / Reishi and Associated Healing Powers

Ganoderma, more commonly known as reishi is an ancient Chinese medicine made from a hard and bitter mushroom. The Chinese used it to promote good health and a long life. Modern scientists have studied this mushroom carefully to see how it helps the body stay healthy.

There are several different benefits that scientists have found in their studies so far, but it’s suspected there is so much more. Below is a list of just some of the amazing benefits to this amazing mushroom:


First and foremost; ganoderma has been found to help oxygenate the body which in turn helps the body function more efficiently. When you increase the body’s oxygen levels you help it to:

  • increase your metabolism because oxygen is an important component for fuel burning, which results in the loss of weight.
  • possibly prevent and fight cancer because several types of cancer thrive in CO2 rich environments, therefore by increasing your oxygen levels you reduce CO2 levels which could potentially suffocate these specific types of cancer. When reishi is combined with green tea somehow the ability to slow the growth of cancer cells is increased.
  • strengthen your immune system
  • regulate your blood pressure
  • reduce fatigue while improving your sleep patterns

For more specific health conditions

Scientists have also discovered that ganoderma helps with specific ailments by preventing them prior to onset. Those specific conditions are as follows:

  • Cirrhosis of the liver – Studies have shown that ganoderma may help prevent alcohol-induced cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Bronchitis – Ganoderma stimulates macrophages to mature, these immune cells digest bacteria thereby preventing minor infections from growing into bronchitis.
  • Yeast infection – Mature microphages will also fight against yeast making ganoderma a great way to treat yeast infections
  • Fibroid (Uterine Myoma) – By preventing the uterine wall from making histamines which cause inflammation; and bFGF, which promotes fibroid growth ganoderma reduces a woman’s risk of developing fibroids.
  • High blood-pressure and Cholesterol – Scientists in Russia have discovered that ganoderma has not only lowered blood-pressure, but has been found to lower blood-cholesterol levels as well. They found that the extract actually stops cholesterol from accumulating in the arteries of animals.

Other potential benefits

Ganoderma has also been found to help the body in several other ways as well, these include:

  • increasing levels of antioxidants which are believed to help protect against disease and aging
  • improve the texture of your skin which also protects against the effects of aging
  • improve sexual functions for people experiencing low-libido or erectile dysfunction
  • believed to help relieve sinus pressure and other allergy-induced symptoms by reducing the production of histamines
  • increase brain clarity making it easier to concentrate on whatever task
  • helps to rejuvenate tissues in your body
  • acts as an anti-inflammatory which also reduces the effects of allergies
  • helps relieve symptoms of urinary tract infections
  • may help elevate your plasma insulin levels which enhance your tissues use of glucose as well as help enhance the liver’s ability to metabolize glucose
  • has been used to reduce symptoms of altitude sickness
  • may help protect the liver from hepatitis B
  • elevates the liver enzymes

Ganoderma is sold in health food stores around the world. It also comes in a variety of different forms. It is available as a capsule, as a liquid, even as a powder. Some places even sell it as a coffee or hot tea flavoring. It’s believed that when ganoderma is mixed with hot water some of its healing properties are enhanced. Because of its bitter taste, it is not recommended for cooking, but no matter how you choose to consume it, you should be prepared for the bitter taste.

If you are on any medications, it is recommended that you speak to your doctor before you try ganoderma as it sometimes has a bad reaction when combined with certain medications such as anticoagulants as well as some forms of chemotherapy.

Scientist are discovering more and more the various healing powers of reishi and other holistic medicines and it seems like there is a new one every day, but ganoderma has been used for centuries. The Chinese people have used it to help climb their highest mountains without depriving their bodies of oxygen. They’ve used it to increase their longevity as well as their health. So, while you should still be careful when trying any new medicine, holistic or not; take comfort in knowing that ganoderma has been used for centuries.


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