Essential Tips for Your Hair Growth and Beauty

Essential Tips for Your Hair Growth and Beauty


Who is a modern woman? She is a self-confident person, who knows what she wants, she isn’t afraid of challenges, she has a potent character, but at the same time, she is feminine and beautiful. What things make the woman look gorgeous?

First of all, she should have healthy, lustrous locks, a neat manicure, makeup, which will only emphasize her natural beauty and a stylish outfit. Though, the hardest part of a smashing look is hair since it is difficult to keep it looking radiant as everyone has his own genetic predisposition. However, there are some universal rules, which really work, so if you want to have a chic head of hair, then use these tips.

Doctors agree that wholesome, sleek hair is achieved not only through regular care, our locks reflect the state of the body, and they react to diseases, so if you want to have well-groomed hair, you need to take care of yourself, both inside and outside.

Watch Your Diet

Hippocrates said: “We are what we eat”, so environmentally friendly foods will contribute to the growth of thick, long and shiny tresses and the problem of a hair loss won’t bother you anymore. There are proteins and vitamins, which have a beneficial effect on hair and on the entire body, let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Protein is important since it is a vital part of our hair, so support tresses with the necessary amount of protein, you can get it from milk, egg white, cottage cheese, fish, meat (beef, veal, chicken), vegetables (beans, broccoli).
  • Omega – 3 is a beneficial fatty acid, which is ingested through supplements and food. This acid stimulates the hair growth, heals the scalp and enhances the circulation of blood. It can be found in vegetable oil (linseed, olive, soybean oil), fish (mackerel, salmon, tuna, trout), seafood (mussels, shrimps, squid), pumpkin, beans, avocado.
  • B Vitamins are significant for locks because they moisturize them, eliminate dandruff, prevent flaking of the scalp, and stimulate the regenerative processes. Foods, rich in B vitamins are bread, meat, rice, milk, cheese, mushrooms, liver, beans, greens.
  • Biotin is often prescribed by a therapist for the treatment of hair and to accelerate the hair growth. It reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands, promotes active development of red blood cells, which saturate the hair bulb with oxygen. Products containing biotin are beef liver, sardines, shrimps, squid, onions, carrots, mushrooms, peanuts.
  • Water. On average, 70% of a human is water, it is essential for the functioning of all the organs, it speeds up the metabolism and if you keep yourself hydrated, your locks will grow fast and will shine.
  • Vitamin E accelerates the hair growth and thickens locks, it is found in potatoes, raspberries, blueberries, prunes.
  • Vitamin F is a complex of unsaturated fatty acids; it takes part in the formation of hair follicles and promotes the absorption of other useful elements.


Thus, try to stick to a diet, make it varied, avoid stress and the condition of your hair will improve significantly.

Regular Maintenance is Paramount

Your health is important for dense locks, but do not avoid the procedures that will help you to speed up the growth and give the necessary gloss.

  • Pamper hair with masks

The shampoo gives cleansing, whereas masks give moistening, they can be either professional or hand-made. If you buy hair products, make sure that they are free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), since this toxic chemical can cause hair loss and scalp irritation.

As for hand-made masks, they also tend to be extremely effective, you just should know which oils to use for the hair growth. For instance, make a mask with the following ingredients: castor oil, which intensifies the circulation, Bay oil, which, according to the opinion of Dr. Mercola, prevents the hair loss, coconut oil softens locks and gives shine, wheat germ oil is rich in proteins and strengthens hair follicles. Use the mask every ten days and after two months you will appreciate the result.

  • Don’t comb wet hair

Never comb wet tresses since they are fragile and the combing may make locks thinner, so use your fingers to detangle.

  • Minimize heat styling

Use blow dryers and irons rarely since these tools pull moisture out of the hair, tresses become dull and brittle. If this is not possible, then always use heat protection spray for the hair, it will reduce the negative impact of devices.

  • Frequent washing is harmful

Don’t wash your hair every day since locks need natural oil to be healthy, frequent washing contributes to an excess of sebum.

  • Get rid of split ends

Split ends don’t look aesthetically pleasing, that is why trim hair every two months and it will grow faster and the trimming will enhance the beauty of tresses.

Therefore, to look brilliant you have to pay attention to your health and constantly take care of your hair and then long, dense, glossy locks will be your pride and the best decoration.

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