Natural Ways to Get Glowing Skin this Summer

Natural Ways to Get Glowing Skin this Summer

Natural Ways to Get Glowing Skin this Summer

Summer is a wonderful time of the year. The sun brightens everything and you can’t be blamed for wanting to spend every minute outdoors. You have probably planned your summer vacation down to the last detail and you have a long list of activities to do. However, spending time in the full glare of the sun might not be the best thing for your skin.

Your skin is delicate and deserves all the care it can get. The summer sun can be brutal, drying up the skin in minutes. If left unprotected, exposed skin can be damaged, resulting in painful sunburn. Damaged skin can look blotchy and discolored and may even go on to develop premature wrinkles making you look aged.

With this in mind, it makes sense to take precautions to ensure your skin is protected at all times. Some of the steps you can take to make sure your skin remains beautiful, supple and glowing this summer are discussed below:

  • Use lots of sunscreen.

Sunscreen offers the greatest protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. For the best results, choose a sunscreen with a high SPF factor to keep the sun from roasting your skin. Experts also recommend applying sunscreen at night at least two to three weeks before your vacation. This ensures that it is well absorbed, making your skin less likely to burn upon exposure to the sun.

  • Hydrate often.

Another handy tip to get glowing skin is to make sure you guzzle enough water to keep you hydrated throughout the day. The hot summer sun often draws water away from your body, leaving you dehydrated. By taking about two liters of water daily, you will ensure that you replace the lost fluids.

  • Watch your diet.

You should pay attention to what you eat in the summertime. Fruits and vegetables contain a bountiful supply of antioxidants. These vital vitamins help to keep your skin looking fresh and smooth. Stock up on cantaloupes, citrus fruits and nuts for the best effect.

  • Exfoliate, cleanse, tone and moisturize.

In order to promote healthy glowing skin, you should develop a habit of exfoliating your skin. Use a good scrub to slough away dry skin on your body, paying particular attention to your feet, elbows and knees. Afterwards, take time to cleanse and moisturize. You will find that using a selection of blends of essential oils will go a long way towards keeping your skin hydrated, especially after a long day outdoors.

  • Wear a hat and sunglasses.

Remember to wear a wide-brimmed hat outdoors to protect your facial skin and hair from the sun’s glare. A good pair of sunglasses will do the same for your eyes.

The delicate skin on your lips is particularly vulnerable, so make sure you arm yourself with a good lip balm to prevent them from drying out. The tips above might seem like a lot of work but follow them faithfully and you are sure to be rewarded with healthy, smooth and trouble-free skin throughout the summer.

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