Three Activities to Combat Depression Naturally

Three Activities to Combat Depression Naturally


It’s a well-known fact that all of us want to be happy, however, is there anything that you can do to actually feel happier more often? For those who are feeling sad or even suffering from depression, the question poses itself a lot more often. Of course, there isn’t a single perfect answer – different things work for different people, but research is beginning to reveal the incredible connection which exists between mental health and physical exercise. In fact, it’s highly possible that the type and amount of physical exercise which you do can have a significant impact on your feelings and emotions. For those suffering with depression and wishing to try and combat it naturally, exercise is a fantastic way to start. Here are some activities that have been noted to improve depression and mental health.

Horse Riding

Animals in themselves can be great healers, and people suffering from depression often say that it is their pets who help to get them through the day and make them feel significantly better. So, combine the power of animals with exercise, and you have horseback riding – the perfect sport for anybody to try. Horse riding helps you to connect and build a bond with an animal, and this helps you to build your self-confidence and prove a new identity to yourself. Horse riding is also a fantastic sport for toning up the muscles, and the positive physical changes in your body can also help you feel better overall. If you’re thinking of trying this sport, you can find rain boots and more if you visit One Stop Equine Shop.


There are a multitude of health benefits to participating in yoga, and it includes a range of different poses which claim to specifically relieve the symptoms of depression. Yoga uses multiple poses in order to stretch the muscles and promote body strength, detoxification, flexibility and more. It is a popular choice of exercise therapy for many different conditions from stress to chronic pain and even cancer. Depression sufferers can certainly benefit from yoga therapy. Exercise is an important part of any depression treatment plan, and the calming and gentle nature of yoga along with meditation based activities can be especially helpful. Yoga can help to boost self-esteem, combat lethargy and tiredness, and even ease any physical pain. It has also been reported to impact the production of serotonin, the brain chemical believed by experts to be deficient in people with depression.


When it comes to workouts that help with depression, it’s cardio and aerobic exercises which have the edge. Experts say that cardio exercise is supported to be an effective tool for fighting depression by the most evidence, and recommend that those suffering from depression take part in activities such as jogging or running for around twenty to thirty minutes per day. Even walking can be a calming activity that helps to release endorphins, the natural morphine in the body which can help to produce a sense of well-being or increase happiness.

Which exercise has helped you with mental health? Let us know in the comments.

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