The Latest Breaking Scoop on Great Diet Plans

The Latest Breaking Scoop on Great Diet Plans


So you are ready to start on a journey of loosing weight, and taking control of your body by adapting a healthy lifestyle choice.  Not sure where to look or what to believe?  Read on to learn about some of the more proven diet plans that actually work.

Diet Phases & Trends

We all know the importance of limiting carbohydrates, so it only makes sense that they came out with the low carb diet.  It’s actually a common diet, most often followed by diabetics since they have to be very careful to monitor carb intake.  This diet is pretty simple to follow in the sense that you carefully monitor carbs, but it’s not always easy to eliminate carbs, they are often hidden in foods you would not think of.

Having excess carbohydrates will create higher insulin levels, which often results in adult onset diabetes, also known as diabetes type II.  A low carb diet will tell you to eliminate white foods, sugar, flour, white rice, pasta, white bread, and potatoes.  Problem is, many foods like ketchup may have carbs in them, so you have to work on reading labels to follow this diet properly.  Your focus needs to then turn to adding the right carbs into your diet.  Brown rice, whole wheat flour, and sweet potatoes in place of white.  You should select good sources of protein; lean meats, eggs, and turkey are great choices.  Pick vegetables that are low in carbs, generally leafy type vegetables will fall within this guideline.  This diet follows the same concept as the Atkins diet, and may be a good choice if you prefer meats to carbohydrates.

The raw food diet is one of controversy, however many proven success stories makes this diet popular in today’s trends.  It’s pretty easy to understand, you consume foods that are in their raw state, uncooked.  Raw foods maintain their enzymes, which promotes a healthy digestive system. Processing foods usually involve cooking and processing to the point that the valuable enzymes literally  die out.  This diet is more focused to a vegan diet, consisting of coconut milk, almost, carrots, tomatoes, and others fruits in their natural state, but nothing processed.

You can use honey to make certain foods have a sweeter taste, or add it to the fruit juice to sweeten it to more of a kook aid type drink.  It may be that you choose to go on a partially raw diet, which is fine, just make sure you get an adequate supply of fruits and vegetables.

The raw diet provides benefits such as lowering inflammation, providing needed dietary fiber, improving the digestive system, promoting healthy liver functions, preventing cancer, treating constipation, clearing acne prone skin, and helping you to maintain a healthy body weight.

The Zone diet is not super well known, but is gaining notoriety.  This diet works great for anyone wanting to lose on a more gradual level.  It is especially popular because you do eat plenty of food which allows you to maintain high levels of energy.  The diet emphasizes on a balance of food groups to keep you full and satisfied, it offers the food groups in a percentage ratio of 40:30:30, meaning carbs, proteins , and fat balanced into those ratios.  This diet works well for insulin levels and is often recommended by nutritionists and dietitians.  Healthcare providers like this diet for the fact if does cover all the food groups.

A less popular diet is known as the three day diet.  It is especially popular with runway models or actors.  Occasionally cardiac patients may use this diet to rapidly drop weight for upcoming cardiac surgery.  A general rule of thumb is that you will lose 3 pound’s in 3 days.  This is a very strict diet and consists of small amounts of tuna, eggs, grapefruit, a few select lean meats and limited vegetables.  Absolutely no added butter or sauces, some salt and pepper is permitted.  It is important to note that after 3 days you should return to a normal diet, and plan to limit any exercise while on the diet as your stamina will not be up to par.  When choosing this diet be sure to get plenty of rest, and stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Other Diets To Consider

The name, “the flat belly diet” pretty much sums it up.  Many people swear by this diet and say the results that had proved it work’s.  It promotes loosing fat from the belly area, and does so in the first month.  It targets this area by reducing bloating and gives a boost to loosing fat in all areas of the body.  You must avoid foods like onions, coffee, sugar, soda, and cabbage, anything that can cause that bloating effect.  It recommends you consume plenty of fresh fruits, fish, veggies, and some olive oil.  The direct recommends you eat four 400 calorie meals per day by following the guidelines of the plan.

The infamous Atkins diet started in 1972 and is still quite popular today.  Invented by Dr. Robert Atkins, it soared back in the 70’s but with some criticism from the medical community.  With proven success and results, the medical community now recognizes this as a diet that is successful and can help to maintain weight loss by keeping carbs to a minimum.  The diet consists of three phases, induction, ongoing, and maintenance.  This diet is popular in Hollywood and can help you drop weight pretty quickly; you just have to watch those carbs closely.

The slightly less popular 5/2 diet involves fasting.  For 2 days a week, not concurrently, you fast only consume 500/600 calories per day.  The remaining 5 days you eat as you would on a normal diet.  You may run low on energy following this plan, be sure to space the two fasting days apart from one another.

The Dash diet is currently voted one of the healthiest diet’s you can select.  It’s been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks, and lowers your chances of developing hypertension. It follows the concept of the Mediterranean diet, where in fact, people live on average, 3 years longer than that of other areas.  This diet is good for the entire family, and does not involve any special foods that cannot be obtained in the local supermarket.

Of course, there is still Weight Watchers.  It’s been around since the 60’s and is still very popular today.  Known for being healthy, no food is off limits.  You will count points that are assigned to food you eat.  You learn to pick healthy foods so they use fewer points.  Weight Watchers offers lots of support, online meetings, face to face meetings and phone support.  If you need a boost from other people this might be the right diet for you.

A Little Extra Help

Don’t forget to use any and all tools available to you.  HCG drops can help regardless of what diet plan you follow.  When taken as directed you can lose more weight, while maintaining great energy levels.  They are available at most stores, or on Amazon or eBay.  Before purchasing any HCG drops its highly recommended to go through reviews and prices.

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